We offer five ways to pay for classes or other account charges:

登入你的  学生账户 支付学费. Pay by debit, credit or e-check (see e-check info below)
CCC为学生提供付款计划. 请浏览 付款计划页面 了解更多信息. 
Please note: Payment method varies by campus.
During heavy registration time, we do experience high call volumes.
查看我们的 e-Check信息部分 如何以电子支票付款
申请 金融援助 for assistance in paying for your education.



付款的最后期限s and Drop for Non-Payment 信息

A student who has registered for classes but has not paid their account balance in full, 制定付款计划, 获得经济资助, 或有担保的雇主/担保人付款 付款截止日期下午5点前 会从无薪课程中退学吗. 下午5点以后.m. and forward on the payment deadline date, payment is due at time of registration. Non-payment will result in being dropped from your course(s).

2024年春季 2023年12月4日
2024年夏天 2024年5月20日
2024年秋季 2024年8月12日

在学费支付截止日期之后, students registering or re-registering for classes must either pay in full or make payment arrangements the day they register.  Check your student e-mail for payment reminders and drop notifications. 

请注意:  If a student enrolls in class(es) and does not attend or does not plan to attend, the student is solely responsible for dropping class(es) by the refund deadline; faculty will not drop students. 学生 who do not drop a class by the published refund deadline will be responsible for the full tuition price.



  • CCC accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards. 所有信用卡交易都会产生2分.85%不可退还的费用.
  • Any payments made by check are processed as a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account using your banking information. Funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day payment is received.


  • The 付款计划 option provides you a no-interest, no-loan method for paying your tuition. The 付款计划 option is done through Transact Payments. Be aware, Transact Payments does charge a $35 non-refundable enrollment fee. There is also a $10 fee for each missed payment. You will need to provide a credit card or your bank account information.
  • For information on enrollment periods, down payments and when your first payment is due, visit the 付款计划页面 .
  • Paying by phone is the least efficient way to pay because of our high call volume.
  • If you have a past due balance on your account, it could be sent to collections and additional fees would be incurred. Your account may also be sent to the AZ Department of Revenue Debt Set-Off Program. This program allows CCC to collect debt owed by you from possible state tax refunds owed to you. The collection agencies and the state may pursue collection concurrently. 



学生账户 FAQs and Helpful Documents


Submit all Student Account documentation to the Student Account Office using our 安全上传页面 .